The biggest little pride in Ireland

Kingdom Pride is back!
I hope you join us for another year for celebration, another year for authenticity, for diversity and for equality. Coming to a town near you again this coming July 2024! Come along and bring your umbrellas (just in case:p) as we do what the Kingdom does best, celebrate our wins and push for further growth - help us build momentum so we can not only provide the celebration the LGBTQ+ community of Kerry deserve, but hopefully, the platform we need to make our voices heard.
Community is powerful, and ours here in Kerry is one of a kind, and we can't wait for this opportunity to bring us all together once more! Lend us your voice and we'll lend you ours, together, again, we can stand together in love once more in 2024.
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Kerry's official pride organisation.

Our award winning team are looking forward to another year of fun and adventure. Our aim is to bring community together in a way Kerry has never seen before, and we would love to bring you all on this journey with us!